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Suicide Prevention

By: Fr. Tony Krótki OMI - September 13, 2008

All the communities in the Nunavut Canadian territory are living the week of awareness. Actually the whole Canada is addressing issues like violence, abuse, suicide and other issues of our society in this past week. In Pond Inlet one of the outside activities was “walk for suicide prevention”.

To some residents of our communities it would be subject not to mention, delicate to reopen the wounds of loss and pain after loosing a loved one by suicide. Some are not reacting to this issue any more saying it does not help, it changes nothing. Others may not even care, but a group of those who love, care and miss, who hope for change in our communities and those who believe, that the change must happen in the family to give our youth what they need to prepare themselves for life against the bad influence of today's society it matters so much. Group of 35 residents including children have organized with the help of local Hamlet a walk for suicide prevention. The message given through this event was “I care about your life, I am here with you, you are not alone, tomorrow will be better day for you and me, let us take a walk for life.” Another walk we had in the past week was walk on violence against woman.

Among many were Pond Inlet Mayor Abraham Kublu few Hamlet Counsel members and Father Tony Krótki omi who opened the walk with the prayer. Second prayer was conducted by Moses Koonark representing the Anglican Church. Some have joined us along the way. After the walk we gathered in front of the Community hall for another prayer which included all of the people of the community of Pond Inlet. The event had finished with a snack and games in the community center facility. Later on the traditional dances concluding the week of many activities related to the awareness week.


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