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The ABC's of the Crusade for Love

By: Fr. Tony Krótki OMI

  • Respect everyone - Christ resides in everyone. Be sensitive to others - they are your brothers and sisters.

  • Think well of everyone - think ill of no one. Try to find something good even in the worst circumstances.

  • Always speak well of others - do not cast a slur on anyone. Repair any harm resulting from an uttered word. Do not provoke strife between people.

  • Speak to everyone in the language of love. Do not raise your voice. Do not swear. Do not vex others. Do not provoke pain. Reassure others. Show a kind heart.

  • Forgive everyone everything. Do not hold grudges. Always be the first to extend your hand as a sign of reconciliation.

  • Act always to your neighbor's advantage. Do good things to others, as you would like them done to you. Never give a thought to what others owe you, but always to what you owe them.

  • Be actively compassionate in time of suffering. Be quick to offer consolation, counsel, assistance, kindness.

  • Work conscientiously - others benefit from the fruits of your labor just as you benefit from the labor of others.

  • Be active in your community. Be open to the poor and the sick. Share your goods. Try to see the needs of those around you.

  • Pray for everyone, even your enemies.

Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski


Crusade of Love