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Reflection for the Summer Time

By: Father Robert Lechat OMI

Father Rober Lechat OMI

For many believers in God, outside Christianity, God is a majestic supreme Being living alone in his heavenly kingdom, although caring for the creatures he called to life. So the coming of Christ to our world, Christ revealed as God's Son, and then the promise of the Holy Spirit to be sent by both of them, has been a tremendous revelation, totally unexpected and still unacceptable to many.

For us, Christians, God is a family: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Although it is quite impossible for us to clearly imagine the how of this family life, we have no problem to understand the why: our God is Love. Love calls for someone to be shared with. Of course it could have been shared only on a vertical level with his human creatures, but to be a fire of an equal divine intensity, it was requiring an horizontal level. Since God wanted us to be in his own image, no wonder that he is reported to have said: “It is not good for man to be alone”. He wanted us to be a family, and a family at the image of his own, which implies that each one keeps his own specificity in accepting the specificity of others, a family where everyone is a giver as much as receiver, finding his happiness in that giving and receiving. Finding also his true identity since in such a family of love the realizing of self can be fully obtained only by the giving of self.

Quite a lesson to learn, quite an example to follow by the great family of humankind as well as by its components, the individual families. Let us give thanks to Jesus who revealed to us the true identity of God we pray and who invited us to find our own in sharing his.